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We provide real benefits to the clients where the return on investment is measured.

Why Protect your Assets

• Restructure your Assets and Ownership
• Nothing leaves the UK, you keep in full control of your asset
• Protect your Assets for future generations without being subject to IHT
Trusts have been in use for hundreds of years as a vehicle of choice to protect assets from everyday threats.
Why not look at our:-
Personal Asset Trusts – Used to protect Property, Cash, Shares
Corporate Capital Trusts – Used to protect company assets such as property or retained profits
Asset Classes

Personal House
Holiday Home
Appreciating Art
Company Shares
Company Profit
Extract Shareholder Funds
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Wholly & Exclusively Test

If the sole purpose of a structure is to gain a tax advantage then its Tax Avoidance. This is
not what we do or offer. Our sole purpose is to provide direct access to specialists that provide advice
on asset protection through carefully structured Asset Trusts. This results in protection for your business
which protects customer relationships, supply chains and employees from everyday threats that can expose
a business to uneccesary risks that bring the company down.
This clearly is Wholly and Exclusively for the purpose of the trade, a very important test when claiming deductions
for expenses against the trade.
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Profit Protection Features

Protect the Assets You Have Worked Hard For

We specialise in helping you to safely restructure your business and personal affairs to produce a superior position for you, your staff, your customers, your suppliers, your family and future generations.
The first thing you need to understand is the rule that the super-rich have known for years. You must separate ownership and control. OWNERSHIP is the biggest impediment to the CREATION and PRESERVATION of wealth.
We go through life being told that to become wealthy we must own things. Own the house, the car, the business etc. Financially savvy people don’t accept this premise at all. They have been educated to understand that ownership
is the greatest threat to creation and preservation of the wealth.
Ownership merely creates liability to the range of threats which can be summarised in the list below:-
•Investigations and Fines
•Civil Proceedings from Suppliers and Customers
•Contractual Clawbacks
•Banking Covenant Breaches
•Banking Regulation
•Employee Claims
•Shareholder Disputes
•Whistle blowers
•Data Theft
•Intellectual Property Infringements
•Reputational Damage
•Insurance Failure
•Political Uncertainty
•Cyber Attacks
•Death, Probate, Inheritance Disputes
•The Unknown
•Long Terms Care Costs

Why leave your assets vulnerable and open to attack by others.

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